The regional subsidiary, RHONE DAUPHINE EXPRESS (formerly Calberson Europe Rhône Alpes) renews its trust in GROUPE IDEC INVEST, via its subsidiary, SCI PROSDIM MS OYONNAX, by signing a new 9-year commercial lease for the OUEST II Industrial Park in OYONNAX, in Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region (01). This real estate complex dedicated to courier services has a Total Net Floor Area of about 2,009 sq.m and consists of a 1,772 sq.m courier service and 237 sq.m of offices and social facilities. This building was handed over to the GEODIS subsidiary in July 2012. With the signing of this new contract, Geodis a longstanding GROUPE IDEC customer, once again shows its trust and satisfaction with respect to GROUPE IDEC INVEST.


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