The partner for your projects

GROUPE IDEC INVEST stands at your side right from the origins of your projects with a made-to-measure investment solution. This assistance helps you breathe life into your real estate projects thought out to support the development of your business.


GROUPE IDEC INVEST, GROUPE IDEC’s corporate real-estate investor is in a position to invest in your logistics, service, activity or industrial projects. By working with you right from the origins of your projects, our teams are able to provide you with all the backing required to bring them to fruition under the best conditions. Looking for and buying land, design-construction, lease management, GROUPE IDEC INVEST positions itself as your sole contact with a turnkey offer. Thanks to this approach, you can confidently concentrate on your activity by focusing your resources on developing your business.
"Our ambition is to propose a comprehensive bespoke solution to our clients, providing them with support for their long-term development with a single point of contact."

Different real estate

Leasing, transfer of your real estate assets, co-investment, release your equity and create a new resource to support the development of your activity.